Second Installment of the Keepers Series
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Real Reviews of Mercy's Light:

"If you like post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy, this book is for you. For a first time, self-published author, I was pleasantly surprised. Jess clearly has a vision for her world, and establishes it well without relying too heavily on exposition. I'll admit that I struggled with her writing style, but once I got more into the story it no longer bothered me, so I suggest you stick with it. Jess creates a world and characters you truly come to care about, and keeps the plot moving. There are a few time jumps that aren't made obvious until you pick up on them, but they make sense. All in all, a good read, and an excellent start for this author! Now, when's book 2?"

-Mac (Amazon)

"...Like most great books I lost time while reading. Devouring the book whole within a few nights(also meaning im sleep deprived) The tale of dark vs light is one that has been fone soo many times, yet this was fresh and different. No spoilers from me, but your gonna want to read it for yourself."

-Halla (Good Reads)

"I have read many books in the last few months and I can say without a doubt this is certainly one of my favorites. Beyond the excellent construction of the individual characters and the entire plot, the seemingly flawless flow and dynamic of how they all come together that stands out the most to me. I highly enjoyed reading this story and I know you will too.."

-Olivia (Amazon)

"Mercy’s Light is a work of art — a masterpiece if I dare say. The amount of time, thought, and effort that went into writing this book and building the world and characters is evident, and it was all executed perfectly. I instantly fell in love with Jess’s take on the classic light vs. dark trope and the concept of The Keepers. While reading, I felt as if I was inside this one of a kind story with the characters (which I have completely fallen in love with), and was feeling every single emotion that they felt too. And I must specifically compliment the character developments: they are truly some of the best I have ever read. I have to announce that this book is now a comfort book and up in my top three of all time! Mercy’s Light deserves way more attention than it has gotten so far!"

-VGhent (Amazon)

"It was literally amazing!!! i quickly fell in love with the story, the details, and most definitely the characters (help i’m attached to them all)!! i can tell so much thought went into this book and the execution ofit all was done is such a breathtaking way. the emotions from this book were so strong, i was feeling them with the characters. this book quickly climbed into my top five and i cannot wait for the sequel so i can see everyone again!"

"This book has touched me. It is so well written and creative. I laughed and I cried. This is truly a classic light vs dark tale, and just has many other reviews have stated that things will get better. I haven't had the chance to read for pleasure in a long time and I am so glad this was the first book I chose. I look forward to seeing what else this author will bring to the table and for the story to continue. I have seriously recommended this book to all of my friends."

-Ash (Amazon)

-Nat (Twitter)

"I absolutely love reading however finishing a book is difficult for me as I have a hard time getting into the stories. Mercy’s story however really took me in and did not let go. The lgbt representation was wonderful as well, the romance was natural and not forced. I loved the characters and eagerly await Anderson’s next book."

-Blair (Amazon)

"...The only books that have kept my attention have been books like Ender's Game and the Soulkeepers series. And now we can add Mercy's Light to that list! The story is fantastic, and the author does a great job of using words to paint the visuals of the story. Reading Mercy's Light, I knew exactly how every person looked, what the environments looked like, and what events looked like. The story starts immediately in the first chapter, there is no long prologue, it doesn't take several chapters to get good... it starts with a significant event involving several significant characters, and it just gets better from there. I am definitely looking forward to book two!"

-Jeremy (Amazon)

"I have been waiting for this book to drop for what seems like forever! I l this book so much. It is a really good read. This has very quickly become my comfort book. It's great for after a long day at work to read a couple chapters to wind down. I highly recommend reading this book"

-Haylee (Amazon)

"I can't sing praises of this book enough! I've cried and laughed and ranted to friends and family countless times over it. Some chapters had me full on sobbing, and I've never been this interested in reading in my entire life. The characters and actions are so well written, I was near-constantly on the edge of my seat thinking "What will happen next??". I can't wait for the next book in the series..."

-Deleen (Barnes & Noble)